Sunday, February 10, 2013

MS-Funday Sunday- Homework Differentiation

I haven't linked in a while, but this subject keeps popping up this week. I feel compelled.

The topic is Homework Differentiation.

I don't differentiate homework. Then why post, right?
Because, I think the way we do homework works.

First, we do it three times a week, mostly without fail. It is usually not longer than five problems. The reason it's so short is so we can actually go over it the very next day. Any more than that and I am going into my lesson time.

I use the No Homework Binder from Jack of All Trades. It really works. It holds students accountable and has been very helpful with parent conferences. I assign Saturday School when kids consistently don't bring homework. They have to call their parents when they reach 3 missing hw assignments.

Students may not do the hw, but they have learned to bring it back, even if its blank. I make them copy the homework notes on blank paper if they don't have the actual paper. If they choose to use a hw pass, I do the same. All they have to do is copy. No way am I letting them sit there doing nothing while we are reviewing it. They still have to sign the binder if its blank, it's minus 5 for each time they don't actually complete their hw.

 They receive an end of the six weeks daily grade based on the homework sheet. Their favorite part is when I award a free homework pass for each person who has brought every homework back, completed, the entire six weeks!

My homework percentage has sky rocketed since last year.

What I love about our homework is students are seeing more practice problems. Let's face it, for Math, they need that.

Here's a sample of what a hw assignment might look like.

Can't wait to see what everyone else does. I love trying new things!

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